Talepaviljoen – Language Pavillion


As part of the European Capital of Culture 2018, many interesting events will take place in Ljouwert (Leeuwarden in Dutch) through the year. Concerts, storytelling, exhibits, theatre, hiking and cycling routes… but none as engaging for us as the Talepaviljoen.


Starting on 30th March 2018 and until 28th October 2018, languages spoken throughout Europe will take the central stage in the Pavillion of Language, where linguistic diversity and multilingualism will be celebrated.


Many different languages will be featured, such as Basque, Bildts, Friulian, Voro, Papiamento and Liwwarders to name a few. Every week a new language will be the protagonist of the pavillion, and visitors will be invited to take part in a linguistic and cultural adventure like any other. Music, poetry, storytelling and many other artistic and creative activities will take place in the Pavillion, where you will also have the possibility of enjoying food and drinks from many different cuisines.


Just drop by and experience language in a thousand different ways!



Languages featured: Bildts, Achterhoeks, South-Hollandish, Twents, Limburgish, Drents, Brabants, Gronings, Zeeuws, Stellingwers, Eastern Frisian Platt, Irish, Sorbian, Basque, Manx, Maltese, Galician, Cornish, Asturian, Friulian, Papiamento, Esperanto, Russian, Liwwarders, Vietnamese, Dutch Sign Language, Indonesian, Hindu and Yiddish.