Languages by country

(For countries with overseas dependencies, only languages spoken in European territories appear in this list)

Albania: Official language: Albanian

Andorra: Official language: CATALAN

Austria: Official language: German

Belarus: Official languages: Belarussian and Russian

Belgium: Official languages: Dutch, French and German

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Official languages: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian

Bulgaria: Official language: Bulgarian

Catalan Republic: Official languages: Catalan, Occitan, Spanish

Croatia: Official language: Croatian

Cyprus: Official languages: Greek and Turkish

Czech Republic: Official language: Czech

Denmark: Official language: Danish

Estonia: Official language: Estonian

Finland: Official languages: Finnish and Swedish

France: Official languages: French

Germany: Official language: German

Greece: Official language: Greek

Hungary: Official language: Hungarian

Iceland: Official language: Icelandic

Ireland: Official languages: IRISH and English

Italy: Official language: Italian

Kosovo: Official language: Albanian

Latvia: Official language: Latvian

Liechtenstein: Official language: German

Lithuanian: Official language: Lithuanian

Luxembourg: Official languages: French, German and LUXEMBOURGISH

Macedonia: Official language: Macedonian

Malta: Official languages: English and MALTESE

Moldova: Official language: Romanian

Monaco: Official language: French

Montenegro: Official language: Montenegrin

Netherlands: Official language: Dutch

Norway: Official language: Norvegian

Poland: Official language: Polish

Portugal: Official language: Portuguese

Romania: Official language: Romanian

Russia: Official language: Russian

San Marino: Official language: Italian

Serbia: Official language: Serbian

Slovakia: Official language: Slovak

Slovenia: Official language: Slovenian

Spain: Official language: Spanish

Sweden: Official language: Swedish

Switzerland: Official languages: French, German and Italian

Turkey: Official language: Turkish

Ukraine: Official language: Ukrainian

United Kingdom (+Isle of Man and the bailiwicks of Jersey and Guérnsey): Official language: English