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Arberesh – Familja



FAMILJA (The family):

Father: Tata

Mother: Mëmë

Parents: Prindërit

Grandfather: Noni

Grandmother: Nona

Grandparents: Nonëra

Brother: Llua

Sister: Motër

Cousin: Kushirì

Uncle: Vov

Aunt: Motrëmëë (maternal) / Mortata (paternal)

Son: Bir

Daughter: Bijë

Children: Fëmijë

Nephew: Nip

Niece: Mbesë

Mother-in-law: Vjehërr

Father-in-law: Vjehërr

Parents-in-law: Vjehrrë

Brother-in-law: Kunat

Sister-in-law: Nuse

Son-in-law: Dhëndërr

Daughter-in-law: Nuse



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