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Gaelic – The Articles


In the nominative case, the articles are:

Masculine Feminine
Singular An / An t- / Am A’ / An / An t-
Plural Na Na
  1. For singular masculine nouns, an t- is used before a vowel, am before b-, f-, m- and p- and an is used elsewhere.
  2. For singular feminine nouns, a’ is used before b-, c-, g-, m- and p- (and triggers lenition), an t- is used before s + a vowelsl-sn-and sr- and an is used elsewhere (and triggers lenition of f-).
  3. For plural nouns, na h- is used before vowels, na elsewhere.


An cat – The cat

Na cait – The cats

Am balach – The boy

Na balaich – The boys

An t-òran – The song

Na h-òrain – The songs

A’ chaileag – The girl

Na caileagan – The girls

An abhainn – The river

Na h-abhnichean – The rivers

An t-sràid – The street

Na sràidean – The streets

An fhidheall – The fiddle

Na fidhlean – The fiddles

An lèine – The shirt

Na lèintean – The shirts





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