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Manx – Yn mess




Almond: Almon

Apple: Ooyl

Apricot: Apricoc

Banana: Bananey

Blackberry: Smeyr

Blueberry: Freoghage

Cherry: Shillish

Coconut: Cro bainney

Cranberry: Smeyr churree

Date: Date

Fig: Fig

Grape: Berrish feeyney

Grapefruit: Shaddoge

Lemon: Limon

Lime: Theiley

Mango: Mango

Melon: Melon

Nut: Galchro

Orange: Oranje

Peach: Peitshag

Peanut: Cro thallooin

Pear: Peear

Pineapple: Annane

Plum: Plumbis

Pomegranate: Granooyl / Ooyl ghrineagh

Quince: Cuinnsey / Quinsh

Raspberry: Soo crouw

Strawberry: Soo thallooin

Tangerine: Oranje heenagh / Tanjereen / Mandareen

Watermelon: Melon ushtey



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