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Souletin (Basque) – Printze ttipia

littleprince   Translator: Panpeia Etxebarne

A! printze ttipia, holaxe emeki hire bizitze txipi goibela entelegatü diat. Eki sartze goxorik sogitea beno besterik lüzaz inganio gisa ez hüan üken. Xehetarzün berri hori laugerren egün goizan jakin diat, erran deitadalarikan: Eki sartzeak gustatzen ziztazü.

Oh, little prince! Bit by bit I came to understand the secrets of your sad little life. For a long time you had found your only entertainment in the quiet pleasure of looking at the sunset. I learned that new detail on the morning of the fourth day, when you said to me: I am very fond of sunsets. 


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