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Luxembourgish – De klenge Prënz

littleprince   Translator: Josy Braun

A, klenge Prënz, lues a lues hunn ech däi klengt melancholescht Liewe verstanen. Fir dech opzemonteren has de laang weider näischt wéi d’Sonn, wann déi lues ënnergaangen ass. Dat hunn ech dee véierten Dag verstanen, wéi s de mer gesot hues: Ech gesi sou gär, wann d’Sonn ënnergeet.

Oh, little prince! Bit by bit I came to understand the secrets of your sad little life. For a long time you had found your only entertainment in the quiet pleasure of looking at the sunset. I learned that new detail on the morning of the fourth day, when you said to me: I am very fond of sunsets. 


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