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Scots – The baists


THE BAISTS (The Animals)

Ant: Eemock / Pishmire

Badger: Brock

Bat: Baukie

Bear: Bear

Bee: Bee

Bird: Bird

Bull: Bull

Butterfly: Butterflee

Calf: Cauf

Camel: Camel

Cat: Cat

Caterpillar: Oobit

Cockroach: Clocker

Cow: Coo

Crab: Partan

Crocodile: Crocodile

Crow: Craw

Dog: Dug

Dolphin: Dunter

Donkey: Dunkey / Cuddie

Dragonfly: Fleein-either

Dromedary: Dromedary

Duck: Deuk

Eagle: Earn

Elephant: Elephant

Falcon: Falcon

Firefly: Fireflee

Fish: Fish

Fly: Flee

Frog: Puddock

Fox: Tod

Giraffe: Giraffe

Goat: Gait

Goose: Guiss

Grasshopper: Grisshopper

Hare: Maukin

Hedgehog: Hutcheon

Hen: Hen

Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus

Horse: Horse

Horse fly: Cleg

Insect: Insect / Creepie-crawlie

Kangaroo: Kangaroo

Ladybird / Ladybug: Clocklady

Lamb: Hog / Hoggie

Leopard: Leopard

Lion: Lion

Lizard: Heather-ask

Mole: Mowdie / Mowdiewort

Monkey: Puggie

Moth: Moch

Mosquito: Mosquito

Mouse: Moose

Ostrich: Mavis

Ox: Owse

Panther: Panther

Parrot: Papingo

Pig: Gryce / Swine

Pigeon: Doo

Rabbit: Kinnen

Ram: Tuip

Rat: Rattan

Raven: Corbie

Rhinoceros: Rhino

Rooster: Rooster / Cock

Seal: Selkie

Scorpion: Scorpion

Shark: Sherk

Sheep: Sheep

Snail: Snail

Snake: Snake

Spider: Speeder

Squirrel: Squirrel

Swan: Swan

Tiger: Teeger

Toad: Taid

Tuna: Tuna

Turkey: Bubblyjock

Turtle: Turtle

Vulture: Vulture

Wasp: Wasp

Whale: Whale

Wolf: Wolf

Worm: Wirm

Zebra: Zeebra


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