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Franco-Provençal – La Familye


LA FAMILYE (The Family)

Father: Pâre

Mother: Mâre

Parents: Parins

Grandfather: Gran-pâre

Grandmother: Gran-mâre

Grandparents: Gran-parins

Brother: Frâre

Sister: Sereû

Cousin: Cozin (m) / Cozina (f)

Uncle: Onclyo / Âvo

Aunt: Tanta

Son: Garson / Êfan

Daughter: Flyè

Children: Êfans

Nephew: Nèveu

Niece: Nyîssa

Father-in-law: Bô-pâre

Mother-in-law: Bala-mâre

Parents-in-law: Bôs-parins

Brother-in-law: Bô-frâre

Sister-in-law: Bala-sereû

Son-in-law: Dzindro

Daughter-in-law: Bala-flyè


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