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Bavarian – Das Obst



DAS OBST (Fruits)

Almond: Mandel

Apple: Epfe

Apricot: Aprikose

Banana: Banann

Blackberry: Brombeere

Blueberry: Blaubeere

Cherry: Kirsche

Chestnut: Marone

Cranberry: Kranbeere

Coconut: Kokosnuss

Date: Dattel

Fig: Feige

Grape: Hoja

Grapefruit: Grapefruit

Hazelnut: Haselnuss

Lemon: Zitrone

Lime: Limette

Mango: Mango

Medlar: Nespoli

Melon: Melone

Nut: Nuss

Orange: Orange

Peach: Pfirsisch

Peanut: Erdnuss

Pear: Birne

Pineapple: Ananas

Pistachio: Pimpernuss

Plum: Pflaume

Pomegranate: Granatapfel

Quince: Quitte

Raspberry: Himbeere

Strawberry: Erdbeere

Tangerine: Mandarine

Tomato: Tomate

Watermelon: Wassermelone


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