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Faroese – Hýskið


HÝSKIР(The Family)

Father: Faðir

Mother: Móðir

Parents: Foreldur

Grandfather: Abbi

Grandmother: Omma

Grandparents: Abbi og omma

Brother: Bróðir

Sister: Systir

Cousin: Systkinabarn

Uncle: Faðirbróðir / Móðirbróðir

Aunt: Fastir / Mostir

Son: Sonur

Daughter: Dóttir

Children: Barn

Nephew: Bróðirsonur / Systirsonur

Niece: Bróðirdóttir / Systirdóttir

Father-in-law: Verfaðir

Mother-in-law: Vermóðir

Brother-in-law: Svágur

Sister-in-law: Konusystir / Bróðurkona


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