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Basque – Familia



Father: Aita

Mother: Ama

Parents: Gurasoak / Aita-amak

Grandfather: Aitona

Grandmother: Amona

Grandparents: Aitona-amonak

Brother: Anaia / Neba

Sister: Arreba / Ahizpa

Cousin: Lehengusu (m) // Lehengusina (f)

Uncle: Osaba

Aunt: Izeba

Son: Seme

Daughter: Alaba

Children: Umeak / Seme-alabak

Nephew: Iloba

Niece: Iloba

Father-in-law: Aitaginarreba

Mother-in-law: Amaginarreba

Brother-in-law: Koinatu / Ezkonanaia / Ezkon-neba

Sister-in-law: Koinata / Ezkonarreba / Ezkonahizpa

Son-in-law: Suhi

Daughter-in-law: Errain



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