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Manx – Yn lught thie


YN LUGHT THIE (The Family)

Father: Ayr

Mother: Moir

Parents: Ayr as moir

Grandfather: Jed mooar / Jishag mooar / Shaner / Shennayr

Grandmother: Grannee / Mwarree / Shenn voir

Grandparents: Shennayryn

Brother: Braar

Sister: Shuyr

Cousin: Mac braar ayrey / ‘neen vraar ayrey

Mac shuyr ayrey / ‘neen çhuyr ayrey

Mac braar mayrey / ‘neen vraar mayrey

Mac shuyr mayrey / ‘neen çhuyr mayrey

Uncle: Naim / Braar ayrey / Braar mayrey

Aunt: Naunt / Shuyr ayrey / Shuyr vayrey / Ben vraar ayrer

Son: Mac

Daughter: ‘Neen / Inneen

Children: Cloan

Nephew: Neezar

Niece: Inneen vraarey / Inneen shayrey

Father-in-law: Ayr ‘sy leigh

Mother-in-law: Moir ‘sy leigh

Brother-in-law: Braar ‘sy leigh / Braar keeilley

Sister-in-law: Shuyr ‘sy leigh / Ben vraarey



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