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Jèrriais (Norman) – La fanmil’ye


LA FANMIL’YE (The Family)

Father: Péthe

Mother: Méthe

Parents: Pathents

Grandfather: Grand-péthe

Grandmother: Grand-méthe

Grandparents: Grands-pathents

Brother: Fréthe

Sister: Soeu

Cousin: Couôsîn (m) / Couôsinne (f)

Uncle: Oncl’ye

Aunt: Tante

Son: Fis

Daughter: Fil’ye

Children: Êfants

Nephew: N’veu

Niece: Nièche

Father-in-law: Bieau-péthe

Mother-in-law: Belle-méthe

Parents-in-law: Bieaus-pathents

Brother-in-law: Bieau-fréthe

Sister-in-law: Belle-soeu

Son-in-law: Bieau-fis

Daughter-in-law: Belle-fil’ye


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