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Cornish – An deylu / An dýlu


AN DEYLU / AN DÝLU (The Family)

Father: Tás, tas

Mother: Mamm

Parents: Parens

Grandfather: Keugh / Sira-wynn

Grandmother: Dama-wynn / Henvamm / Mamm-wynn

Brother: Broder

Sister: Hwoer / Whór

Cousin: Kenderow (m) / Keniterow (f)

Uncle: Ewnter

Aunt: Modrep

Son: Mab

Daughter: Myrgh

Children: Fleghes

Nephew: Now

Niece: Nith

Father-in-law: Sira-da / Hwegron

Mother-in-law: Dama dha / Hweger / Dama dre lagha

Brother-in-law: Broder da / Broder dre lagha

Sister-in-law: Hwoer dha


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