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Aragonese – La familia


LA FAMILIA (The Family)

Father: Pai / Papa

Mother: Mai / Mama

Parents: Pais

Grandfather: Güelo / Avuelo / Paye / Lolo / Yayo

Grandmother: Güela / Avuela /  Maye / Lola / Yaya

Grandparents: Güelos / Avuelos / Lolos / Yayos

Brother: Chirmán / Chermano / Tato

Sister: Chirmana / Chermana / Tata

Cousin: Primo (m) / Prima (f)

Uncle: Tio / Tiu

Aunt: Tia

Son: Fillo

Daughter: Filla

Children: Fillos / Crios / Ninos / Familietas / Mainadas

Nephew: Sobrino

Niece: Sobrina

Father-in-law: Suegro

Mother-in-law: Suegra

Parents-in-law: Suegros

Brother-in-law: Cunyau

Sister-in-law: Cunyada

Son-in-law: Choben

Daughter-in-law: Chobena


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